About the number

The number "Straps Act" was created in 1999.

The circus performers Igor Baranenko and Juliya Peshkova inspite of their young age have a deep on-the-job experience. Both of them were born in a circus family and they have been performing at the circus from their childhood.

Igor began to work under the guidance of his father in 1980 as a "Juggler on the horse back". Uliya also started her activity in her father's number "Rope-walkers".

A great desire to rise to a dome, to the top of a circus and therethrough to preserve and increase traditions formed by their fathers and grandfathers was decisive in the decision to create an aerial act.

As a result we are very pleased to present our new number, which was made with the help of Baranenko Igor Senior - the former aerial gymnast, Anatoliy Marchevskiy - a known producer and clown, and Janna Orehova - the choreographer, who titled this number as a "Dream in colors" (working name).

Working at our number we were trying to escape from the common use of gymnastic belts. We strove to make a lyrical story where the main attention was paid to tricks. And the belts just help the artists to represent the personages and amaze spectator's with the range of original tricks.

You can see absolutely original use of belts when Uliya makes an arabesque on Igor's head or an unusual use of belts as a “soft catcher”. A combination performed by the actors in motion around an odium (without safety belts as well as many others combinations) fascinates spectators. And the finale of the act when unexpectedly Uliya slips out of Igor's hands and falls down from the top of the circus... panics the audience.

The number was premiered in Osaka (Japan) on March 13, 1999 by courtesy of a famous producer Adzuma-san, who worked with Russian Circus for decades. The Program “Bolshoi Stylish Circus”, which took place in such cities as Osaka and Kobe was a focus of a mass media attention.

After that the number went on a tour to the oldest circus of Europe - Hippodrome circus (England), due to a famous producer Phillip Gandey.

The director of the Hippodrome circus Peter Jay and his wife are wedded to their work. They have assembled interesting actors from all over the world, and using water, musical and luminous effects have managed to make a unique show. The Hippodrome circus by right was voted Britain's best circus.

We constantly develop our number from adding imperceptible changes to complete replacement of tricks. We wont both spectators and professionals to enjoy our number.